Top 10 Best Earbuds Under 50 Dollars |Amazing Earbuds That Fits You(2018 Collection)

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best earbuds under 50Finding a good and affordable pair of best earbuds under 50 dollars may sometimes be challenging.

Not everyone has the money or motivation to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on something that they are only going to use for casual listening. The quality of earbuds doesn’t depend on the price; it depends on what people say about them. That is why we have gone out to the Amazon to gather the ten best earbuds under 50 dollars that are quite okay to use and affordable to buy.

Best Earbuds Under 50 Dollars

Features such as in-ear designs, a natural pairing with devices and many others have been introduced into earbuds to make it more comfortable to use for you and me.

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NameWeight(grams)Battery Life 
Znt Airfitts - Easy Link
127.67 Hours Check Price
Aowin Noise Cancellation
4.58 Hours Check Price
Cshidworld - SUPERB BALANCED BASS SOUND 4.55 Hours Check Price
Chyu -Quiet Affordable 113.46 Hours Check Price
LEZII - Sweatproof Earbud-4.56 Hours Check Price
Hotinlee - ULTRA LIGHT 22.77-10 Hours Check Price
Treblab J1 - PREMIUM HD BLUETOOTH EARPHONES113.49 Hours Check Price
Soundmoov 316T - WILD COMPATIBILITY8.53 Hours Check Price
Jiecan -Longer Battery life453.65 Hours Check Price
Hoco -Affordable158.86 Hours Check Price

1.ZNT AirFits – Easy link

ZNT AirFits

Looking for a great pair of earbud that is easy to pair or link to devices, ZNT AirFits wireless earbud might be a good option.

It starts with the packaging. Very nicely Made. You could give to someone directly as a present without even having to cover it with a wrapper.

The case that holds the earbuds is also a charging case. In other words, you plug the case into its USB socket, and once it is charged, you have a small mobile charging station. If the earbuds are low on energy, just put them back in the case where they will automatically recharge.

Like i said earlier, the pairing or this device fast and straightforward. There are audio prompts in both earbuds, including ones that tell you which is left, and which is right.
Comfort is okay. You may not be able to say more than that until you have had a chance to wear this earbud for a more extended period. Falling out of earbuds from your ear may be a problem you have with other earbuds, the ZNT AirFits wireless earbuds won’t fall.The sound quality Is also okay. Probably not up to what you might expect from expensive speakers, but better than some earbuds. It’s on par with the Apple headphones that are four times the price.


  • Easy to pair
  • Great sound quality
  • Nice Fit (multiple sized rubber tips)
  •  The charging case is convenient for storage and charging.
  • The button does accidentally trigger when adjusting the earbud occasionally.


2. AOWIN – Noise Cancellation

AOWINThis is the second best earbuds under 50 dollars on our list. Why choosing this?.Aowin true wireless in-ear headphones offer a combination of super design and ergonomics, ensure a more secure and comfortable fit, exceptional audio quality, excellent battery life.

This stereo Bluetooth headphone can produce the original acoustic quality sound quality with deep bass and crystal clear treble. Without any troubles with cords to make music get free.

The earbuds have a lightweight (0.16oz) body with the IPX5 rating for water resistance, with a seamlessly comfortable fit that makes them a perfect companion for workouts. S/M/L three premium soft, smooth silicone caps keep the Bluetooth headphones in your ear canal firmly; It makes you not to care about falling off. It is made of soft material to protect ears from the long phone calls and music time.

Never worry about low battery when you are on the outside all day.The 800mAh capacity mini portable charging case can fully recharge the wireless Earbud 6 times, providing additional 8-10 hours of music, talk time on the go.The smooth touch controls let you activate SIRI, answer/hang-up calls or switch tracks simply by tapping these in-ear wireless earbuds.

  • Noise cancellation
  • Touch screen
  • Longer playing time
  •  The charging case is convenient for storage and charging.
  • There seems to be some latency when watching movies


CshidworldWe are taking a look at something from Cshidword, and this company is one of few that is known for revolutionizing sound. Cshidworld is seen as perfecting active noise cancellation.

Cshidworld Wireless Earbud is the name of this product we are talking about today. As the name suggests “Wireless”, These earbuds are mostly for people who prefer working out and listing to music.

The great thing about these earbuds is that they are comfortable. Worry not for wearing them for extended periods of time. Another good thing about this earbud is that it works as a headphone when making calls.

It has an advanced Bluetooth 4.2 with A2DP/AVRCP audio processing system. With a built-in Microphone, for hands-free calling, listening to music, news, friends chatting or working use.

Cshidworld Wireless Earbud comes with decent battery life too. By decent, we mean you can use the earbuds for 5 hours without charging.  However, your mileage may vary depending on the loudness of the music.

What a fantastic product with super lightweight and the stabilizer design according to ear geometry to ensure a secure, comfortable fit for any ear.

  • Superb balanced bass sound
  • Light in weight
  • Wide compatibility
  • Sweatproof protection
  • Only one side can make calls

4. Chyu – Quiet Affordable

best earbuds under 50

For those who are curious, Chyu is a relatively new company in the market which aimed at providing quality audio with a lower price point.

The company prides itself on being great Why? because they want to deliver a wireless experience to general consumers without them breaking the bank.

They come with a neatly packaged in a small compact box and are enclosed in a carrying case that doubles up as a charging cradle. However, what make it awesome is that, the size of the case is 2*2.8*1.2 inch, Only 0.11LB weight. Small enough to fit in your pocket and easy to carry about.

The earbuds work with all smartphones, IOS, tablets, and Bluetooth enabled devices. Pairing up just take a few seconds.

Unbelievable light-weight with no burden to ears, Hands-free calling, the last number redial, third-way calling, and incoming calls prompt that satisfies all your needs.

It has an built-in HD Mic with noise-cancelling for in-car calling, stealth listening or watching videos at work or in the office. Easy switch between voice call and music.

  • The sound quality is awesome.
  • There is a microphone, To answer calls on them easily.
  • They charged in about 1 hour.
  • The case is a little difficult to open the first time but it is flexible now.
  • There is no volume control



5. LEZII – Sweatproof Earbud


Wow! The world of wireless earbuds is amazing, Why? Because this is a sweatproof and waterproof best earbuds under 50 dollar which is produced by LEZII, the future isn’t far off.

We would be discussing one of our best earbuds under 50 dollar called Lezii Sweatproof Earbuds, and they might be the smallest wireless earbuds we’ve seen so far.

The wireless in-ear headphones with Bluetooth 4.2 interface enable Comfortable and Secure in-ear Earbuds, Soft Material To Protect Ears, Make Phone Call and Music Time More Comfortable.

Given the latest Bluetooth technology, the battery life can reach up to 6 hours of playing music and 18 hours of standby which you are going to charge from your earbud case. The earphones offer innovative controls where you can take calls and play or pause music with one click. You also get noise cancellation too.

Choose either twin-mode or single-mode connection function based on your preferences. You can pair each earbud with a separate device in single-mode. Microphone in both earbuds allows you to take calls or activate Siri.

  • HD Voice Support
  • Auto-Reconnect
  • It is a Sweatproof device
  • Latency for TV is not really good
  • The battery life is somehow low




HotinleeFinally, we arrived at the sixth best earbuds under 50 dollar. By using advanced Bluetooth 4.2 technology which makes us pair two cordless earbuds wirelessly like Apple earPods and maximum distance that can be covered is 20 meters, True Wireless earbud hanging around your neck. It is the superior sound for advanced headphones. It is specially designed, the shape of earphone will hold on your ear securely and comfortably.

Safety design will be turned on while making a phone call. One of the earphones will be off which make you stay aware of your surroundings. Wow!  One button controls all this following function power, pairing, receiving calls and switch music.

The diameter of the earbud is only 0.6 inch. And with our patented ergonomic design with soft ear-hooks, The light body design is more comfortable and portable.

These earbuds will never run out of power. The charger case allows you to charge both wireless earbuds up to 3 times. That means you can extend 7-10 hours battery running time at whenever and wherever possible. By using MSDS and UN38.3 certificated batteries.

This earbud has a Bluetooth 4.2 technology support this earbud; it is compatible with all IOS and Android system devices. Such as iPhone, Samsung, Moto, HTC, Zenphone, Huawei, Smartphones etc.The optimized cavity and high-quality component ensure Bluetooth connection quicker.


  • Built-in MEMS Mic
  • When calling , only the Left Channel Earbuds has Voice, This safety feature allows you to hear the traffic While driving.
  • The charge case can fully charge the earbuds for about 3 times and charge earbud for 1.5 hours.
  • The charging system was a bit confusing.



TREBLAB J1TREBLAB J1 is one of our best earbuds under 50 dollar. TREBLAB J1 was build to give out superior High-Fidelity audio that will make everyone grin! With cutting-edge component, advanced Bluetooth 4.1 and aptX technology, The Bluetooth earbud delivers a flawless, CD-like sound quality with no distortion at high volumes… Wow, Interesting!

The earbud is SWEATPROOF & WATER-RESISTANT – So you can sweat an sweat during a gym exercise which will do the earbud no harm, running, biking or yoga. ANTI-DROP SECURE FINS – Were developed to make sure the earbud stays put during your workout.

Is it not annoying when your connection breaks in the middle when enjoying your favourite music? The earbud is specially made to make sure these worries are a thing of the past; this is the work of the improved Bluetooth connection that doesn’t break.

Noise-cancellation with expandable foam ear-tips which let you focus on what’s important without a single distraction by any background noise. Hear music in detail without blasting it, this does not affect the eardrums. HD MICROPHONE AND CALLS MANAGEMENT – Simply click a button for full call control and start your conversation going, freely. LONGEST BATTERY – You can use the earbud nothing less than 9 HOURS without charging. Oouch! Interesting.

  •  Extra quick pairing
  • Multi-device connectivity
  • Handy carrying case
  • Battery life indicator is not accurate


8. Soundmoov 316T – WILD COMPATIBILITY

Soundmoov 316T

We are looking up to something surprising. Can you believe this, there are the best earbuds under 50 dollar which has a wild compatibility, this is amazing! Soundmoov is based on producing audio.

The Soundmoov 316T sounds is surprisingly good when compared to some of the other earbuds which have the same price range.

Twins mode you can use 2 earbuds simultaneously, you will be able to share the same music with someone; Single mode allows us to choose the right one or the left one, each Bluetooth earbud can connect with two Bluetooth devices like iPhone or iPad.

Another good thing about this earbuds is that these earbuds have a decent fit.  They are comfortable and stable. The fits creates an awesome seal around the ears that blocks all possible noise around you. Keep it in mind that the active noise cancellation is still passive so it will not create any artificial effect.

  • Perfect angle and 3 sizes of ear cap
  • Charging base has lid and is magnetic, which is easy to carry-around
  • Easy pairing with each other and with cellphone; remember the left is the main one
  • Left earbud sometimes couldn’t hold a signal


9. JieCan – Longer Battery life


We are almost done with the list, it remains one after the JieCan Wireless earbuds. The good thing about JieCan Wireless earbuds is that it has an ultra light which makes it attractive.

The device is an in-ear wireless earbud which is damn good when it comes to providing a decent amount of bass performance, they have a sizeable amount of bass to them, and they work well.

Never Worry about wearing them for a long period of time, Why? Because the device is comfortable, lightweight sounds amazing and has a very great battery life which you can use up to 5 hours without charging. Amazing!

Soft material to protect ears and the eardrum, Lightweight/in-Ear Design/Sweatproof perfect for sports, workout, watching TV and for sleeping.

  • Truly Wireless Stereo Earphones
  • Compatible to most bluetooth-enabled devices
  • Support iOS Battery Displaying
  • Sometimes the lights on the sides of the speakers flash red and blue even when they’re not pairing with your phone


10. HOCO – Affordable


Finally, the last product on this list is the HOCO wireless earbuds. Hoco is one of the best companies when it comes to the matter of producing the audio product. The Hoco is one of our best earbuds under 50 dollar which is affordable.

Hoco follows the footstep of jaybirds in producing the best earbuds under 50 dollar. The earbuds look simple but work very well.

Wait, I noticed something in this earbuds that the sound from the earbuds is awesome, and the bass is balanced.

This earbuds suit the people who love to Gym, Workout, Sports e.t.c a lot, this earbud remains active with a sweat-proof design and are comfortable to wear for long periods because of their lightweight design and the battery life which last for something like 6 hours without charging.

The earbuds is compatible with all Bluetooth devices including iPhone 5/5s/6/6s/7/7s/8/8s/iPhone X and iPad, Android, laptop with Bluetooth support.

  • CVC6.0 noise cancelling technology
  • Bluetooth V4.1 + Imported UK CSR
  • Excellent Compatibility
  • Up to 10 meters/ 33 feet(Free Space)
  • Sometimes the lights on the sides of the speakers flash red and blue even when they’re not pairing with your phone

The main thing to consider when choosing an Earbud?

When I personally decide on choosing a pair of wireless earbuds, the most important thing that I consider is the fitness, comfort and the ability of the earbuds to cancel noise of the earbuds am going to choose. Unlike full-sized earbuds, the earbuds mainly rely on their fitness to provide the maximum amount of passive noise cancellation.

Even when I found an earbud to buy, the earbuds have an active noise cancellation, but I found it difficult to buy why? because I need a comfortable pair of earbud. Most earbuds come with multiple ear tips which is made-up of different materials. However, the good thing is that you can easily find the right fit.

For the comfort, this is something that we need regardless of what you’re buying. If you’re getting full-sized earbuds, wired earbuds, or wireless earbuds, having maximum comfort is a priority.


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